Why Your Business Needs A Mobile App

Why Your Business Needs a Mobile App

In this type of industry, you talk with companies that cover various types of industries. It’s exciting listening about the different industries, what’s trending, and the struggles these business owners maybe having. After a brief discussion and filling them in with the services we offer, the one statement I get the most is, “My business doesn’t need an app”. I also ask why and smile. Because I know what every owner will say. If you’ve been through this before, you know the answer.

“A mobile app doesn’t work for my industry.”

I could write book about why that statement is far from the truth. But, to keep things short and sweet, I decided to list a few reasons why any business, in any industry, needs a mobile application.

Here are some reasons why you might want to consider it.

01  An App Can Earn You Money

Compared to big businesses, mobile apps can be a daunting marketing venture for small business. The cost leads most small businesses to avoid going with a mobile app and sticking to the traditional marketing methods. While mobile app development can be expensive, there are ways to reduce the cost and still earn you significant money. If you have a smaller budget, start with a basic app for customers to interact with the application and showcase your products or services. Another important tip is to plan out your application. For example, come up with design you want, how you want the application to work, include images and any ideas you have.

If you are unsure how to start the process, you can always contact us for a checklist and recommended ideas on how to make the process easier for you. Once the app is planned and developed, there are many additional ways to earn money by using in-app purchases, advertising and loyalty programs.

02 The Best Promotional Tool

This is probably my favorite section! If you have a smart phone, there is a high chance you’ve downloaded apps from the App Store and received a Push Notification from some of the apps. Maybe it was an awesome game you like that sent you a notification about a special deal they are having or simply a reminder to come back and play. It could be a social media app that alerted you that someone replied to your post.

What do you do when you see that alert? Swipe and the app opens!

Push notifications are the best marketing tool available. It has a 40-80% open rate, compared to a 25% open rate in email marketing for 2016, according to Thanx. With users on there mobile device more than ever, a push notification is seen quicker than an email, commercial or even a social media post. It becomes a constant reminder every time a user hears that ping sound.

mobile-marketing-push-notification-messaging-400x200 Why Your Business Needs A Mobile App

03 Reaching More Customers

A traditional website is a great way to reach customers, but by developing an app for your business, that reach goes a lot further. With younger generations using mobile devices for every aspect of life, mobile search has become very popular. While word-of-mouth can easily spread the word about your app, new potential customer can find you easily with a generic search. One of the best features to add to your mobile app is integrating your social media networks to further the scope and reach even more customers.

04 Showcase Your Products and Services

Why are apps better than websites? Well, that’s a long story that we will share another day. But one key point is the ability to showcase your products and/or services quicker. Having the ability to quickly update your app with new products gives you multiple ways to give offer discounts and sales to customers, to increase repeat business and easily allow customers to spread the word.

05 Everyone is Going Mobile

I’m sure you’ve heard this expression in the last few years. The reason is because it’s true. Sure a website is a vital tool for any business that wants to showcase products and services, you can’t hide the fact that mobile users are increasing everyday. Phones now have the capability to access the internet fast and easy. Not only can you check Facebook and make phone calls, now you can shop for food, pay bills and set doctor appointments in a matter of minutes. With that being the case, this allows your business to be setup for the future as mobile apps will soon be the main way consumers conduct business.

06  Mobile-Friendly Website

Okay, maybe you’re still not convinced on a mobile app or maybe still afraid to pull the trigger on that type of investment. You should then consider creating a mobile-friendly website. These are cost-effective, quick and serve a similar purpose. Google searches are now heavily being used on mobile devices, so your mobile-friendly site can be found quick easy. Keep in mind, the point is to increase your businesses visibility and reach new customers.

In Conclusion

With mobile devices becoming more affordable and useful, it is vital for every business, big or small, to stay relevant and stay up-to-date on technology. Investing in a mobile app is a great way to reach more customers, promote your products and services, and get repeat business more than you ever imagined.

If you need help, advice or just ready to get started, give us a call today @ (972) 559-0677 or visit our website.


  1. Exactly, mobile app is needed for the growing of business particularly right now. Most of the people use mobile devices for engaging application. In addition, it’s really needed also to have mobile friendly website so that user can easily access your website through mobile devices. Anyway, thank you for sharing relevant and valuable article.

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